Coping with Anxiety Support Group

Anxiety Support Group
  • Do you have difficulty shutting your mind off from feeling fearful or afraid?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping during the night or find yourself up for periods of time worrying?
  • Are you coming up with excuses to avoid doing things you usually enjoy?

Anxiety is an emotional or physical reaction to something happening to you or around you. Though each of us feels afraid and worried from time to time, anxiety can become overwhelming and interfere with every day life. In this group, you will have a chance to get support from others, as well as learn coping strategies for dealing with your anxiety. The next group will begin in Fall 2011.

Allison Fine

Allison Fine, MSW, social worker and Certified Counselor for Washington State, provides individual, couples, and group counseling for individuals in the greater Seattle area. She has worked with many individuals coping with stress and anxiety. Please visit her website to learn more about her services:

"Allison creates and nurtures a safe and caring environment for sharing and learning from each other." -R

"Allison has helped me signicantly to balance the areas of my life that cause me anxiety or stress. She has also helped me to recognize these areas and given me tools to help myself." -C

Contact Allison at or 206-226-1097.